Chantelle // 21 // Socal Bound
Music, Love, Good Vibes
Your mind is capable of more than you think
so use it
and together we'll explore the beauty
this world has to offer

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Jul 10th | 96 notes
May 29th | 1,600 notes meow 
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May 5th | 225 notes meow hi guys, i miss tumblr 
May 5th | 27 notes still trying to recover from armin, sickness go away please :( 
Dec 12th | 29 notes i’m a happy happy camper.. gahhhh :’) 
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Nov 19th | 50 notes I love you Dash Berlin :’) thank you for changing my life through your music, inspiring me, and for all the wonderful support.. so thankful and blessed.. 
Oct 8th | 30 notes thank you to the lovely person who submitted our video, whoever you are <3 thank you swedish house mafia for posting our video as cover of the day <3 :’) so blessed and thankful… life just throws you wonderful surprises when you least expect it… made some life changing decisions this weekend.. i’m just going to jump right into it.. no looking much to learn, so much maturing and growing up to do within this next year.. but i’m ready for it… never give up on following your dreams.. <3